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Bob Bachofner

Phone: 503-407-8114

Email: [email protected]

PO Box 821382, Vancouver, WA

31207 NW Reeder Road

Portland, Oregon


Duck hunting and goose hunting on Suavie Island is done best at Pope Lake Hunt Club. With 24 acres of land, three lakes, hundreds of duck and goose decoys, and various types of duck and goose to hunt; the Pope Lake Hunt Club is perfect for hunters who want to join a club with experienced members who enjoy a social atmosphere. Currently we have 14 owners and 7 shooting members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this club we suggest joining as a shooting member first. Once you are a shooting member we, as owners, can look into upgrading your membership to become an owner. To attain this membership means you will have to be voted in by current owners. Current owners of Pope Lake Hunt Club have 1/14 equal share of all real estate and facility, club equipment, our tools, and hunting privilege.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a member of the Pope Lake Hunt Club!

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